The Backbridge relieves back and neck pain, improves posture, and helps you sustain a healthy back


Customizable Stretch

With the Backbridge’s 5 levels, start at a level that is easy and comfortable for you and then progress through the different levels continually adding more stretch and extension to your body


2 mins, 2 times a day is all it takes to improve back and neck health


A fraction of  the cost of other treatments and inversion tables

Progressive Extension

Progresses with you as you gain flexibility, improve posture, and build spine health


Unlike yoga balls and wheels, almost anyone can use a Backbridge with no fear of falling


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The Back Pain Relief Diet

Dr. Sinett looks at how the foods we eat can affect back pain in both unhealthy and healthy eaters. In other words, your diet could be the cause of your back pain. However, it may also be the solution to your back pain. Learn to identify your triggers as well as the best foods for your specific body so that you are living your healthiest life.


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3 Weeks To A Better Back

A common misconception about back pain is that it’s the back. However, as Dr. Todd Sinett examines in this book, your back may not be the source of the problem after all. Using a unique, three-tiered approach, Dr. Sinett invites you to look at the structural, nutritional/chemical and emotional aspects of yourself to see if anything is out of alignment. Whether it’s your diet - which may be a healthy one - or everyday stress, Dr. Sinett uses questionnaires, advice, meal plans, and exercises to guide you on a step-by-step, three-week journey to a healthier, pain free life.


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The Ultimate Backbridge Stretch Book

This book is the ultimate guide to using stretching as a way to soothe tender muscles, regain flexibility and both prevent and rehabilitate injuries. Filled with individual stretching exercises as well as tandem stretching, yoga and balance exercises, this book shows you how stretching naturally cures pain and helps to balance the body. As a bonus, you will learn how to use the Backbridge - an innovative, one-of-kind tool invented by Dr. Todd Sinett. It’s versatile, customizable design makes it perfect for fixing posture, stretching and strengthening your core.


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Sit-Ups Are Stupid & Crunches Are Crap

Dr. Todd Sinett explains why you should never do a sit-up or any version of a crunch ever again! Dr. Sinett’s innovative new book — which includes a detailed exercise routine (illustrated with photos) and a meal guide — teaches healthier and smarter ways to get great abs without compromising your back and neck anymore. Sit-Ups Are Stupid and Crunches Are Crap, based on the science of flexion, addresses the key issue of core imbalance and the resulting (and totally unnecessary) pain. Dr. Sinett shows how achieving core balance will transform your flexibility, breathing, and digestion — and, yes, get you the abs you’ve always wanted. Great abs no longer have to equal great pain.


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