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Travel Tips

Luggage design has a large impact on the body and back pain. Select light luggage with wheels.  Make sure you pay attention to your form when pulling your luggage.   

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Can Diet Change Help Chronic Back Pain?

Back pain is second only to common cold when it comes to people missing work, and now, a New York doctor says that for many patients, the daily discomfort is related to what they eat.

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Proper Posture Techniques Ensure A Healthy Back.

A chiropractor NY1 spoke with describes sitting as the new smoking.  He says too many people are spending too many hours hunched over a desk and it is not good for their health.

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Straight Talk: Posture Tips for Workmoms.

Do long hours at work leave you tired, aching and in desperate need of a massage? Sounds like you need a posture check. It doesn't matter if you sit at a desk all day or stand up at a counter.

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Simple Lifestyle Change May Help Ease Chronic Pain.

Why food may be behind your back pain. One New York chiropractor finds a link between diet and back pain. In Dr. Todd Sinett's book "3 Weeks To A Better Back" he explains there are three potential causes for back pain.  

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Long Island native Dr. Todd Sinett authors new book on back pain

After witnessing the life-changing health benefits his father’s patients received throughout the years, Long Island native Dr. Todd Sinett inherited a passion for healing and helping people live pain-free. Sinett is a second-generation, New York City-based chiropractor and founder of the holistic medical practice Tru Whole Care located in Midtown.


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Crunches Are Bad For Your Posture — These 2 Stretches Will Lengthen Your Tight Muscles

"When we do crunches, it puts our body in a forward, hunched C-like pattern," Todd Sinett, kinesiologist, chiropractor, and the author of Sit-Ups Are Stupid & Crunches Are Crap, told POPSUGAR. The hunched position shortens, tightens, and over-contracts your abs, which can result in neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain, Sinett explained. Because of this, he recommends avoiding crunches "because they completely throw off the balance of the core and [the abdominal muscles] can become too tight."

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Why Your Desk Is Giving You A Headache.

Before you reach for a pill to each a pounding headache, check your posture.

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Back Pain Relief

Physical Therapy or Chiropractic treatment improve spinal alignment. 

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6 Elliptical Mistakes That Can Derail Your Workout.

The elliptical trainer might be your go-to piece of gym equipment for a sweaty cardio workout — and for good reason: It gets your heart pumping with less impact than the treadmill. But like any workout, small mistakes could cost you big fitness gains..

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Is It Bad to Crack Your Back?

Being on go-mode at all times takes a toll on your body. Typing away at your computer or running around all day can result in an uncomfortable, achy feeling. You know how it goes: Your joints tighten up, and the urge to twist and turn to crack your back creeps in. .

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5 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Wearing Heels.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when wearing heels just isn’t worth it anymore. The peep toes, the three extra inches of height, and the fact that your legs look great in them stop outweighing the blisters, the bunions, and your quickly fading will to live..

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10 Stretches For A Pain-Free Back.

Chances are, if you're not suffering from back pain as we speak, then you know someone who is. The better your spinal alignment, the better your posture and flexibility, and the better your back will be—not to mention your overall quality of your life..

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Can You Eat Your Back Pain Away?

Nutrition is one part of a three-pronged approach that Dr. Todd Sinett, chiropractor, certified trainer, and author of the recent book 3 Weeks To A Better Back, uses to tackle back pain. 

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Is Your Bed Hurting Your Back?

Is the way you're sleeping contributing to your back pain? Dr. Todd Sinett, a New York-based chiropractor and author of "Three Weeks to a Better Back," said that mattresses or pillows can cause problems.