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Dr. Sinett talks to Hollywood's KTLA about Backbridge, and new books

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10 Backbridge Stretches to Reverse the Strain of Stress, Sitting, and Riding

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Why Crunches Are Crap According to A Chiropractor


Dr. Sinett talks about Backbridge and exercises for posture

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'Sit-Ups Are Stupid and Crunches Are Crap.' Say What Again?


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Travel Tips


Backbridge named as favorite posture corrector by Physical Therapist

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How to perfect your home work setup so your back stops hurting so much

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Can Diet Change Help Chronic Back Pain?


Stay calm! Gift ideas for the Yogi in your life for the holiday season

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Working from home killing your neck and shoulders? Try these exercises.

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Proper Posture Techniques Ensure A Healthy Back.

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Straight Talk: Posture Tips for Workmoms.

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Simple Lifestyle Change May Help Ease Chronic Pain.

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Long Island native Dr. Todd Sinett authors new book on back pain

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Crunches Are Bad For Your Posture — These 2 Stretches Will Lengthen Your Tight Muscles

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Why Your Desk Is Giving You A Headache.

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Back Pain Relief

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6 Elliptical Mistakes That Can Derail Your Workout.

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Is It Bad to Crack Your Back?

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5 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Wearing Heels.

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10 Stretches For A Pain-Free Back.

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Can You Eat Your Back Pain Away?

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Is Your Bed Hurting Your Back?