New York City-Based Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist

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Find and Treat the Root Causes of Back Pain, Not Just the Symptoms

Dr. Todd Sinett is the leading authority on back pain.  By finding and treating the root causes of pain and not just the symptoms, Dr. Sinett eliminates pain. His treatment includes an assessment of the whole body structure (physical), what you eat (nutritional/digestive), and how you manage stress (emotional).  Dr. Sinett is the founder of multi-specialty health center Tru Whole Careauthor of 5 books, and inventor of the Backbridge that has sold 75,000+ units worldwide. He is on a mission to help people find the solution to their back pain and sustain healthy bodies and happy lives.


Dr. Sinett with Patient

What’s Causing Your Back Pain?



If you fell off your bike and now your back hurts, that is trauma-induced pain. Otherwise, pain due to a structural cause is not random and tends to be caused by bad habits (sitting at your desk all day, prolonged misuse of your body, etc.), which can develop in someone who has poor posture.

Structural Assessment



You are what you eat! Gastrointestinal problems could be causing your pain - whether it’s too much coffee, too many sweets or a host of other nutritional factors that can agitate your digestive system and chemically-induce back pain.

Digestive Assessment


Are stress inducers and other psychological factors leading to back pain? Many people are often reluctant to admit there is an emotional cause for their back pain. It is very important that you be open-minded about this potential trigger. Stress is a major contributor to back pain.

Emotional Assessment


The Tennis Ball, The Johnny Cakes & The Exercise Ball.


The Backbridge: Cost-Effective, Sustainable Back Health Solution

Over 75,000 Sold Worldwide

Eliminate pain, improve posture and sustain a healthy back at home for a fraction of the cost of one doctor visit!

Learn More - Backbridge